April 5, 2019

9 ways to keep healthy on a budget

Eating healthy can have a huge impact on how happy we are, but it can seem difficult to do when you’re on a tight budget. Some of our wonderful participants, who attended our RSPH Understanding Health Improvement course, have put together some brilliant tips that can help you to eat healthy on a budget.


Drink water
Often, when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. Not only is water free from calories, but it’s also free in price. Try carrying around a reusable water bottle, you’ll find you end up drinking more and spending less.

Eat smaller portions
It’s hard to say no to food once it’s on your plate. Try measuring out portions before you start cooking – you’ll avoid the temptation for seconds as well as saving money.

Reduced price deals in supermarkets
If you do your supermarket shopping in the evening, you’ve got more chance or finding some great ‘yellow sticker’ deals. Fresh fruits and veg are often reduced which can be enjoyed on the day, as well as meat and bread which can be frozen for when you need it.

Packed lunches
If you know you’ll be out the house for lunch, make sure you take one with you. They might not seem that expensive, but your average meal deal can add up to over £60 a month and as one supermarket says, ‘every little helps’.

Split up your meats
Just because the supermarket sells us meat in certain portions, doesn’t mean you have to use it all on one meal. Use some minced beef in a bolognese sauce and the rest in a beef and onion gravy to split the cost.

Eat eggs
They’re a great source of protein and full of lots of nutrients. For breakfast, try swapping sugary cereals or carb-y toast for a veg-filled omelette.

Make a shopping list
Before you hit the shops, make sure you plan each meal. You’ll minimise your waste and won’t get distracted by the snack aisle.

Buy tinned and frozen vegetables
Another great way to cut your waste is to buy frozen and tinned vegetables. They’re just as (if not, more) nutritious as fresh veg, often cheaper and mean you will only use what you want.

Cook in bulk and portion it out to freeze
Save yourself time and money by cooking big bulk meals and popping portions in the freezer. You’ll get the convenience of fast food, with the peace of mind that what you’re eating is healthy and nutritious.


RSPH Understanding Health Improvement course
Groundwork’s Royal Society Public Health Understanding Health Improvement Level 2 course has proven a great success with 100% of all learners passing the course. The course looks into nutrition, health and wellbeing, smoking and alcohol consumption, communication and health inequalities. Not only do learners work towards the qualification, but they also pick up the essential life skills needed for career development and enhancing personal life goals. Our learners may suffer from anxiety, depression and very low self-esteem, so this programme is a terrific start to their New Leaf journey and provides learners with a new-found confidence to progress to over courses.

New Leaf is part of the Building Better Opportunities Programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and The National Lottery Community Fund.

If you’re currently out of work and live in Warrington or Cheshire, you might be eligible for New Leaf and our RSPH Understanding Health Improvement course. Get in touch to find out more:
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