April 18, 2019

It was out of the frying pan… and into a new career for Ste

What did you want to be when you grew up? When we are younger, we are taught to focus getting a career. But what if that career, that you have dedicated your working life to, isn’t good for your mental or physical wellbeing? That’s where Ste found himself after 10 years of working as a chef. 

After over 10 years working in the stressful environment of busy kitchens, Ste had to leave the career as a chef for the sake of his mental health. Not knowing what jobs to apply to, he ended up starting, and quickly leaving, a job at the Amazon warehouse after his stress levels returned to what they were in his life as a chef.

After speaking to a friend who was on New Leaf, Ste decided to give it a go. His mentor, Ashley from Golden Gates Housing Trust, worked with him to identify what was keeping him from staying in work and where in his life he was currently lacking. One of these areas was his finances.

At the time, Ste was paying £124.72 a month towards his overpayment of tax credits, eating into his income and savings. Ashely referred him to Warrington CAB who were able to cut this down to £40pcm, which helped his bank balance and put Ste’s mind at ease, allowing him to focus on a career where he could remain happy and healthy.

Ste had always dreamed of working outside in a manual job, but without the experience or qualifications, he didn’t know where to start. He lacked digital skills and without a computer at home, didn’t know how he could build them up. JobSkilla’s Digital Inclusion Course was an easy fix for this. On this course, Ste was able to gain basic computer skills, including how to job search online, create a CV and keep in contact with friends and family though social media. At the end of the course, which Ste passed with flying colours, he was given a free laptop to allow him to use his skills at home and support him in his job search.

To be able to work roadside or on a construction site you need a CSCS card. New Leaf funded this card for Ste and a wealth of opportunities opened for him. Working with his mentor, Ste created a brand new CV which was sent out to local agencies and was provided with a 5-point PPE kit.

Ste had told his mentor, Ashley, that he was interested in working on the railway. Ashley referred him to a Trackside open day where he was able to learn more about the profession. He signed up to an 8-week course where he was taught how to do the profession and amazingly was offered a job at the end of it.

Ste is now working as a PTS trackman, earning good money in hours that suit his family.

“New Leaf is unique in it’s support. It is an excellent and rewarding progamme, ran by amazing and understanding people who care.”

If, like Ste, you had to leave a career due to stress and are unsure of what steps to make next, get in touch:
T: 01925 452131

New Leaf is part of the Building Better Opportunities Programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and The National Lottery Community Fund. 

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