July 22, 2020

Brian’s back to the books in hopes of starting his own business

When Brian* (name has been changed) first joined New Leaf, he was unemployed and struggling to find direction in life. After being out of work for so long, the prospect of returning to work filled him with anxiety.

His New Leaf mentor helped Brian* to identify his transferable skills and find the right path back to employment for him. She referred him to UpTurn, our self-employment specialists, who helped Brian see the value in his skills.

Together, they came up with the idea of Brian starting his own bookkeeping business. New Leaf was able to fund the necessary training needed and earlier in the year he started a Level 2 AAT Foundation in Accountancy qualification.

Throughout lockdown, Brian has been busy working studying online and has already finished two modules in the course.

Recently, Brain got in touch with his mentor to express his gratitude for helping to obtain funding for his course.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in sorting out my funding. My overriding emotion, ahead of elation or happiness (both of which also apply), is actually just of relief. It’s such a big help and a huge weight off my mind, I was really concerned that I would struggle financially. I now have one less thing to worry about (although I dare say I’ll find something else to take its place). Also, it means I can spend more on my mum’s 80th birthday, so I dare say she’s very grateful too!  Many, many thanks for arranging this, I really appreciate your efforts, and hopefully I can whizz through the studies now and put it all to very good use.

Huge congratulations to Brian* and good luck with his studies!

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