July 1, 2020

Change – It’s Time to Embrace It!

Change can be really difficult. Rich, one of our mentors, explains how a change in attitude can help see change as a positive thing.

With more people losing their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to feel downhearted about the job market. You may be sat at home thinking ‘I’m never going to get a job now with all these new people as competition’, but just take a moment to think about this sweeping statement, what does it say about you as a person? Lacking confidence in your abilities? Assuming you’re not good enough for a job? Your self-esteem is rock bottom? Thinking nobody will take you on now?

You may think all of the above is be true, but how can you use this form of negativity and turn them into positives?

The simple answer is CHANGE!

Nobody likes it but you simply have to EMBRACE it.

But how can you make your mindset more positive? The answer lies within the words that have just been used, ‘You’ and ‘You’re’! The only person that can change this is YOU, but in order to change you need to want to change and this is where New Leaf can help.

Embracing change is difficult and can take a while to turn into positive results, but if you don’t try you simply won’t know how strong, resilient and competitive you actually are.

Our Mentors will guide you through the process of changing your mindset, changing the way you think, setting yourself challenging goals in a bid to realising that you have skills and attributes that an employer would truly value. The only thing stopping you from making a difference in your life is YOU!

So, if you’re worried about your future, fill out the form on our sign up website and one of our Mentors will be in touch and discuss your needs and concerns in total confidence.

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