December 14, 2021

Christmas Money Saving Tips

Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year , but it can also be a very expensive time too. Here are some money saving tips that just might help!

Don’t plan the perfect Christmas – first work out what you can afford

Before you start planning, consider “How will I pay for it?” Calculate your budget and ask: “What can I afford to spend on Christmas?” Christmas is one day – don’t ruin the whole of the next year for it.

Agree with friends to ban unnecessary Christmas presents

Consider not giving this Christmas. We’re not talking about gifts from parents or grandparents, but the ever-widening number of friends and extended family – we need to end feeling obliged to give and think about what we’re giving and why.

Buy a cheap turkey – and don’t forget to shop around

With an “It’s Christmas! We need the best!” battle cry, everyone raids the supermarket shelves. Yet don’t assume you’ll prefer higher-brand goods. If you’re planning a big shop, go to www.comparebasket,  and it’ll compare the cost of goods at the big online supermarkets.

Swap your chequebook for free Christmas gift cheques  

Presents don’t have to equate to big bucks . Whether it’s a ‘massage’ for your loved one, babysitting or letting the kids have a sleepover, your time could be best present. So pledge to do something nice.

Make a list – and check it twice  

Christmas shopping on impulse is dangerous. So make an old-fashioned shopping list and stick to it. Remember, shops spend a fortune on making you think you need a certain item – a list helps you beat them.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The New Leaf Team.

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