September 20, 2018

David gets his confidence back

Shy man wearing cap, holding up his dreams for the future

Having not worked for 14 years David had lost his confidence and would be the first to admit he was stuck in a rut.

It was David’s wife, Emma, who first encouraged him to make a change and join New Leaf. Emma had already received support from GGHT and had recently secured a job in her local school. David was incredibly shy and initially attended New Leaf meetings with his wife’s support, but after gaining some confidence, was able to attend the “Listen Up” course alone. This 1-day course ran by our trainers at Groundwork, designed to improve participant’s communications skills and identify personal aspirations, would turn out to be a defining moment in David’s time with New Leaf. His contribution and participation on the “Listen Up” course were outstanding and he confidently produced and delivered a radio advert alongside the other team members.

It was obvious that the skills he learnt in his customer service days were still there and so he worked with his mentor, Karen from New Leaf partner, GGHT, to create a customer-focused CV with the aim of getting into a part-time role. He met with our specialist money advice worker to complete a ‘better off calculation’ to make sure David was confident he was making the right financial decision for his family. The support he had with his interview skills and cover letters paid off and David was soon offered a position with a Carecall company, offering telephone support to older and vulnerable people.

“Before New Leaf I felt I had fallen off the radar, no one seemed to be offering the flexible support I needed, but New Leaf is different to other programmes.” said David, “It’s all about ‘you’, not just about getting a job, they made me feel like a person, not just a number. The money advice made my wife and I realise that we could both work part time and still be better off. The support I received from my mentor helped me to take stock and showed me some viable options which made me realise I am not old and useless, I do have skills and something to give.”

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Shy man wearing cap, holding up his dreams for the future
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