March 4, 2021

Heather regains control of her life and banishes her addictions

With support from New Leaf Heather has returned to University as a mature student and is reclaiming her dreams of becoming a Forensic Scientist.

Heather, from Congleton, struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Although she had been in employment for many years, things got so bad she lost her job and had to move into a recovery facility.

Whilst in the recovery unit Heather was told about the New Leaf Programme and decided to take the plunge and sign up. She was offered a support package that was tailored to her specific needs and requirements.

New Leaf helped Heather look at her options for the future and gave her the support and encouragement that she needed to take big decisions that have impacted on her life. Heather has now started at University and she absolutely loves it.

Heather says:

 “This never would have been possible without the encouragement from my mentor who gave me more confidence and encouraged me to push myself with supporting me through everything else going on in my life e.g., moving into my own flat and living more independently”.

Moving forward after her Foundation year, Heather will go on to study for a BSc in Forensic Science and Criminology and from there she plans to take a PHD and become a Forensic Scientist.

Heather says:

“I would 100% advise everyone to use New Leaf! It is a free service to help you move forwards in your life. You gain skills and get the encouragement to follow your dreams. They help with everything”.

Heather’s mentor said:

“From the first video call with Heather it was obvious to me that her barriers to her dreams could be overcome with encouragement and support. Even if she could not see it herself, I was determined that her past should not dictate her future. Heather engaged in every communication and worked hand in hand with me and this was paramount in helping her to change her life around” .

If you have been inspired by Heather’s story and would like our help and support to follow your dreams , then why not sign up to New Leaf  today .

Let New Leaf help give you the confidence to transform your life.

New Leaf is led by Torus Foundation and is part of the building Better Opportunities Programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and The National Lottery Community Fund.


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