July 1, 2020

Job search 101

Looking for a job is like everything in life, it’s only easy when you have the know how. There are thousands of jobs out there, and so many places to look – where do you start? Ashley, one of our New Leaf mentors, gives us the lowdown.

Start with a good CV and covering letter
You have entered the job battlefield; you need to go in armed with a CV that is going to sell you above everyone else looking at that same job you are. But what makes a good CV? Well, it’s a bit like online dating – how do you make that employer want to speak to you above everyone else? A strong CV will use keywords to detail your skills and capabilities, as well as showing your future employer your transferable skills.

Job boards
Now you’ve got your armour, it’s time to start looking. Knowing how to use a job board correctly will save you the pain of trawling through hundreds of jobs that don’t suit or are miles away. Our Jobs Portal is a great place to start.

Recruitment agencies
Are you registered with recruitment agencies? An employer often hires a recruiter to find the perfect candidate, saving them time and money so that they can continue to work on the business. Do your research though, not all recruitment agencies deal with short term work (and some might have a bad reputation).

Go out of your way
Have you thought about targeting companies and speaking to some organisations directly? Forget the middleman, sometimes having the confidence to approach a company directly goes a long way. It shows you are interested in them as a business, and half the battle with recruitment is employing someone who actually wants the job opportunity as opposed to just needing it.

Careers fairs
Careers fairs might sound really daunting, but they’re a great place to meet with employers and find out what they’re looking for from an applicant. There are general careers fairs and ones with a theme, like a sector or for apprenticeships, so do your research.


There are so many opportunities to find a job, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, sign up to the New Leaf programme and one of our mentors will be able to break it down and help you with each aspect. You’ll soon find job searching a doddle.

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