July 22, 2020

Johnathan reboots his job prospects

Volunteering can offer you a practice run at employment. For Johnathon, who was out of work, it gave him the chance to dust off his skills and, more importantly, give him chance to adjust to being in the workplace after years out of work.

After years of not feeling ready to apply to jobs, Johnathan contacted New Leaf for support to get him to a place where he was ready to return to work.

His mentor, knowing the brilliant skills Johnathan could offer, soon put him in touch with CVS who was able to arrange volunteering with a charity who needed support with building their website and digital presence.

Johnathan said:

Even though circumstances have been different because of lockdown, my mentor and volunteer coordinator have still been there for me. Knowing that I could come to them if I was having any issues was a massive boost to my confidence.

New Leaf has been really tailored to me and my needs, that people are genuinely trying to help me as opposed to just trying to meet a target.

I would absolutely recommend the New Leaf programme to others without hesitation.

Volunteering through New Leaf with the support from CVS has massively improved my confidence which was previously a major barrier for me.

Dave Johnson New Leaf Volunteer Coordinator, CVS Cheshire East said:

Johnathon engaged positively and enthusiastically from our initial meeting, he was honest and upfront from the start regarding his barriers, but it was very clear that he had a lot of potential and he demonstrated great commitment to engage with all the volunteering opportunities we provided. He showed tremendous commitment during a very difficult period (lockdown) and he is clearly a major asset to his placements.

If you’ve been out of work for a long period of time and feel like there’s no one who will hire you, get in touch. We can help.

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