December 8, 2020

Liam follows his dreams

Liam from Warrington

Lockdown hasn’t stopped Liam pursuing his dream career.

Liam from Warrington had been a taxi driver for over 20 years, but the job was seriously affecting his health and he decided that it was time for some drastic changes to be made to his life.

Liam had a passion for health and fitness and decided to change career and become a Personal Trainer.

However, the journey wasn’t easy. Despite working long hours Liam wasn’t making enough money to survive had to stop his personal training work.

Liam, now unemployed, was facing financial, relationship and mental health problems and with nowhere to live moved in with his dad and started to drink heavily again. A concerned friend encouraged him to contact New Leaf to see if they could help get his life back on track and after talking to Chris one of the New Leaf Mentors Liam decided to join the programme and since then he’s never looked back.

Liam says that: “I told Chris about my personal training and my true passion was to help other people. I can’t remember his exact words, but he just said, “if it’s your passion why aren’t you doing it now? And I realised I didn’t have an answer”

Just as Liam started the programme the whole world changed, and lockdown happened. However, despite this Liam continued with the programme receiving 1-2-1 support from his mentor Chris, money advice and has completed several online sports and health related courses including Exercise and Mental Health, Making Sense of Mental Health Problems and the Physiological Aspects of Sports Injury.

Liam says that: “As soon as I met Chris I felt a soothing calmness that put me at ease. That made all the difference. Chris just made me feel uplifted and great and was such a huge inspiration and I left the first meeting with my confidence buzzing”

Liam is currently studying on a Level 3 Award in Sports Massage , which will be followed by Level 3 in Reflexology and is getting closer each day to his dream job of being a Sports Massage and Reflexologist .In particular Liam wants to help people with long term back, neck and foot conditions.

If you have been inspired by Liam’s story and would like our help too to pursue your dream career, then why not sign up to New Leaf today.

Dreams can come true.

Liam from Warrington
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