August 10, 2018

Life is on the up for Denise and her son

Woman smiling at the camera, holding a mop

When Denise Tyrer was referred to New Leaf by Warrington Voluntary Action in April 2017 she was in a very different place. Having recently come out of hospital for an ongoing mental health condition, Denise was struggling to juggle caring for her son, dealing with her change in benefits and managing her mental wellbeing.

All this changed thanks to support from Karen, her New Leaf mentor from Golden Gates Housing Trust.

Denise said, “When I first came out of hospital, I was in a bad place. I was in a rut and if it hadn’t have been for Karen I would probably still be in that same cycle. She listened to me and supported me to achieve what, deep down, I always knew I wanted to do. I just didn’t know how to get there.”

After encouraging Denise to try volunteering, Warrington Voluntary Action secured Denise an opportunity at Warrington Community Living, supporting adults with a learning disability with their own life skills at a local residential home. Denise fitted in right away and soon became a highly regarded member of the team.

Around the same time, an opportunity also became available to start an accredited health and social care course. The course wasn’t easy for Denise, but with our support and her determination she managed to achieve her very first accredited qualification.

Getting a job was now a real possibility for Denise, however, she still was worried about how employment would affect her benefits. Working with Liz from the GGHT money advice team, Denise was able to get a clear understanding of her current benefits and how working would impact them. Liz introduced her to the idea of permitted work which would allow Denise to adjust to the world of work by initially committing to a few hours a week until her confidence improved.

When an opportunity for a paid role as a cleaner emerged at the residential home Denise was volunteering at, Denise knew it would be the perfect way for her to get back into employment. During the interview Denise put the techniques she leant at the GGHT ‘Sowing the Seeds’ employability course into practice and was delighted when they offered her the job. Warrington Community Living worked around Denise’s need and offered her a 16 hour contract, allowing her to still receive her benefits. Now Denise is already excited about the next step in her career and is looking at training opportunities to help her in her dream of becoming a support worker.

“Working has made such a difference to my life and has had a positive impact on my son, even his school are reporting a huge difference! Financially, getting into work has made a big difference. That bit of extra money means I can finally treat my son and myself.

Thanks to New Leaf, and my mentor, I have a totally new life. I now have confidence in my abilities. It’s me who got me to where I am now, but it is the support I received that made it possible. I will keep singing the praises of New Leaf and recommending it to anyone who will listen!”

If you, like Denise, would like to turn your life around, get in touch today to see how New Leaf can help you. Call 01925 452131 or email

Led by Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT), New Leaf is funded by the Building Better Opportunities programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.

Woman smiling at the camera, holding a mop
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