July 18, 2019

Lucjan gets a roof over his head and a new zest for life

Life was going well for Lucjan when he first moved to Warrington from Poland over five years ago, but after losing his job, Lucjan found himself in a heart-breaking situation.

Homeless, unemployed and depressed, Lucjan struggled with his confidence and was unable to find a job. Despite wanting to get back into work, Lucjan’s confidence in his ability to speak English, along with his low health and wellbeing, meant he struggled to find motivation. Without work, Lucjan had no money for a house and was left at a low point in his life.

Lujan was at the homeless shelter when he heard about New Leaf, and he knew it would be a chance for him to have a fresh start in life. He was paired up with his mentor, Ashley, who had the task of getting Lucjan back on his feet.

It wasn’t long before Lucjan’s health and happiness was on the up thanks to a free gym pass, mental health support from Making Space and confidence building courses by Groundwork. He was even gifted a bike to help with him maintain his health and wellbeing, as well as making it cheaper for him to get around.

Now Lucjan’s mental and physical health improved, he was ready for work. Lucjan was given support in creating a CV which has proved very successful in helping him find employment. Thankfully, Lucjan is no longer on the streets and has secured flat through Torus which he can be proud of. His confidence has grown tremendously and even has the ambition to write a book! It is amazing how far a person can grow with some advice and support.

Lucjan said:

I was homeless, unemployed and depressed, but now my state of mind has improved, as has my confidence. I’m no longer homeless!

New Leaf gives you opportunities and support like nowhere else. It can help everyone and give anyone the help and support needed, especially when life gets hard

Ashley said:

Lucjan has come such a long way in the short period of time that he was on the programme. His confidence and commitment to progressing personally really shows. I’m so pleased that he now has a property he can call home and that he is actually seeking sustainable employment as well as working on his health and wellbeing

If like Lucjan, you or a member of your family are looking for work or need help getting back on your feet, contact us here at New Leaf:
T: 01925 452131


New Leaf is led by Torus Foundation and is part of the Building Better Opportunities Programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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