March 1, 2019

New Leaf participants celebrate their achievements

Over the past couple of months, over 300 people from across New Leaf attended three different Participant Celebration Events.

Events were held across Warrington and Cheshire in the legendary Parr Hall in Warrington, the innovative Jodrell Bank in Macclesfield and the prestigious Chester Racecourse in Chester.
Surrounded by their friends and family, as well as their New Leaf mentors, participants shared how their lives have changed since joining the New Leaf programme. For some, who not that long ago couldn’t leave the houses due to anxiety, this was a massive achievement.

To date, New Leaf has helped get over 2500 people closer to employment. One of those is Stephanie Frijlink. When Stephanie first joined New Leaf she was facing eviction and suffering from poor mental health. Thanks to the support of her New Leaf mentor, a work placement at the Electric Church and a volunteering opportunity at Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Stephanie is now in a much healthier place.

“I didn’t know who I was before I started New Leaf but now I know who I am and have a purpose: helping people who are in the situation I was in, so they know they’re not alone.”

On top of the incredibly moving stories which where shared by over 30 individuals across the three events, we also heard music from Kerry, a New Leaf participant who is now helping school children to tackle their anxieties through the art of music.

Andy Rawlins, New Leaf programme manager said, “It’s great to be able to get some of our past participants together to see how far they have come. Everyone who works on New Leaf cares deeply about helping people who may have been previously overlooked by traditional forms of employment support. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear first-hand accounts of how life-changing being part of the New Leaf programme has been for people.”

During the events, the New Leaf video, featuring two participants sharing their story, was launched:

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