November 15, 2018

New Leaf helps Jeannette reconnect with her grandchildren

No two New Leaf journeys are the same, something which couldn’t be more accurate for Jeannette from Warrington.

When Jeannette first joined New Leaf she was recently sober and had moved into a recovery home for people with a background of substance misuse. She had already made huge steps to create a life she was proud of, but in Jeannette’s first few months on the programme, it was clear her recovery was still having a huge impact on all aspects of her life, including New Leaf. But at New Leaf, we refuse to give up on someone who is ready to make a change in their life and so Jeannette was taken on by another New Leaf partner, Acorn Recovery.

Acorn Recovery specialises in helping people break away from substance misuse problems and stay sober in the long-term. They bring their expert knowledge to our programme to help people with a history of substance misuse gain the skills they need to rebuild their lives and enter employment.

Jeannette was partnered with her mentor, Karen, who was there every step of the way.

“Jeannette had had a few knockbacks in life by the time she came to New Leaf, but no one could deny how determined she was to turn her life around.” Said Karen.

Jeannette’s main focus for her recovery was her daughter and grandchildren, who she had lost contact with. Showing she was committed to not only tackling her problems with substance misuse, but creating a life where she could stay happy and healthy, was one of the main reasons Jeannette was able to reconnect with her family.

Jeannette’s chaotic past had left her with mounting money troubles, but our money advice workers were able to get her monthly repayments reduced to maximise her income while she was looking for a job.

At New Leaf, we have access to bespoke training courses to get people ready for the world of work. This doesn’t just include skills-based learning, but also offers courses designed to get people mentally ready to make a change in their lives. For Jeannette, it was the “I Am, I Can” course and the accredited RSPH Understanding Health Improvement course which helped her to change her mindset and improve her self-belief. Without this training, Jeannette believes she wouldn’t have had the confidence needed to go into job interviews and show off her best side.

Getting a job is a major achievement for anyone, but with uniforms and transport, along with possible changes in your benefits, the first few weeks of employment can end up being quite costly. Karen was able to secure Jeannette some funding to help her buy her new uniform, as well as topping up her mobile phone to make sure she could keep in contact with her employer, as well as her family, who have been a huge support to her.

Jeannette said: “I can’t thank New Leaf, Pathways, and Recovery Homes enough. It’s with the support of these organisation that I am happy and healthy. My confidence has improved and I’m back to enjoying life with my family.”

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