October 26, 2018

Single mum turns her life around

When Felicia Woodhouse and her young daughter moved to Winsford she found herself unemployed, away from her support network and unsure of where to turn.

Finding a job was a priority for Felicia, but her depression, anxiety and low self-confidence made that difficult. However, help was at hand in the form of 1-to-1 employment programme, New Leaf.

Mental health can be a huge barrier to people entering into employment, and it is thought that over 45% of people with a long term mental health condition are currently out of work.

Felicia’s life started to take an upward turn when she was introduced to New Leaf during her time as a volunteer for Weaver Vale Housing Trust. New Leaf, a 1-to-1 programme, supports people to combat their personal barriers to employment through a combination of training, confidence building and volunteering, to name a few.

“Christine, my mentor, was great.” Says Felicia, “My first meeting with New Leaf was overwhelming but each session with Christine felt like a positive step forward. We looked at different training options that could boost my qualifications and Christine managed to get me funding to complete a counselling qualification I had previously started.”

Felicia added, “My hard work has paid off and I’ve landed a job doing something I love. I am now a Mindfulness and Wellbeing Tutor at Warrington & Vale Royal College where I will be using the techniques I have learnt through New Leaf to help other people to improve their own lives.”

Nicky Price from Warrington and Vale Royal College said, “What I love about Felicia is she always gives her all. She uses her own experience to help others which is what makes her the perfect teacher. It makes me very happy to see Felicia fulfilling her dream”

Felicia getting her dream job has even had an impact on her daughter, “One thing that I didn’t expect is how proud and excited my daughter is that I’ve got this job! Her dream job at the moment is to own and run a cat hotel, think Barbie Dream House, but for fluffy kittens. The message she’s gotten is that her mummy is doing her dream job and she can too”

Led by Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT), New Leaf is part of the Building Better Opportunities programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.

If you, like Felicia, are looking to make a change in your life and get into employment, get in touch with New Leaf. Call 01925 452132 or send us an email

New Leaf Lottery Funded